Building Monitoring


Buildings using NerveCircuit reduce energy consumption by one fifth!

Measure first, then manage

We made it simple and affordable to find out how your building uses power!

Simple Setup

Installation is fast and non-disruptive thanks to MCCI's decades of experience with innovative and reliable connectivity hardware.

Easy to Use

NerveCircuit sends power consumption data the cloud wirelessly as soon as it's recorded to view it live with our open so app, download, or share.

Your Building, Your Data

NerveCircuit wants to give you your data, not control it. Connect the data to any platform you want or hire a consultant to help you analyze it. It's your decision.

Knowledge is Power

With NerveCircuit, knowledge saves you power

Better Data

When your utility company sends an electric bill that’s unusually high, you will finally know where the power was used (or wasted).

Easy Fixes

You need to be aware your Air Conditioner’s usage spikes in the middle of the night on Tuesdays before you can do something about it.

System Health

A sudden change in power usage can mean something is wrong. If you have advance warning, you can make repairs and avoid larger problems later.


See the savings you’re getting from the upgrades you make to your buildings. Show your employees the difference they make by turning down the thermostat.

Simple, Reliable, Scalable

NerveCircuit hardware, including the monitor and the attached wireless transmitter, are designed to be installed quickly and easily by any electrician. We use a secure long range wireless signal to get the data securely and reliably to the cloud without accessing your building’s Wi-Fi network.

In addition to monitoring your energy use, the system is scalable to incorporate a broad range of affordable environmental sensors (like temperature and humidity), resource sensors (like water and natural gas), wirelessly and securely.